Monday, August 12, 2013

Rose Bowl Flea Market: 08/11/13

It was my first time at the flea market this past Sunday and it was definitely a good day to go because I ended up encountering fashion blogger Julie Sarinana who is the face behind Sincerely Jules. I just want to say, luck must've been on my side that day! Right before we arrived at the flea market, I told my friend that it would be so cool to encounter famous fashion bloggers and what do you know, I ended up bumping into one right before entering the flea market. My friend and I both wanted a picture together since it was both of our first times at the market and we've been raving about going so I ended up asking someone who was leaving to help us take a pic and shortly afterwards I realized that the person I asked was "Sincerely Jules"! After she helped us snap a few pics,  I asked if I could get a pic with her and she kindly agreed. I love the way she styles everything and her style is on point! If you're interested in fashion, you should definitely check her out. After the encounter, I had a feeling that I was going to find some goodies and I certainly did! Besides meeting Julie, my friend and I ended up befriending the owner of blue-revolt, which is an online fashion store. It was so much fun shopping with them and they even snapped a few pictures of us in their clothing for their website. I can't wait to see the pics. It was such a fun first experience and I can't wait to come back next month!
-xx, kat

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