Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I don't know if it's just a girl thing, but from time to time I find myself having a difficult time choosing an outfit for school. Do boys have trouble choosing outfits?! I would literally just stare at my closet trying to pick out articles of clothing and put them together mentally or I would try on everything, which results in a mess all over my bed/floor. Choosing an outfit for any occasion can be difficult at times, but it's even worse when you're running late! I for one am guilty of sleeping through alarm clocks and hitting the snooze button more than once. For times like these, what I like to do is put on a comfy tee with some shorts so I can quickly run down the stairs to eat breakfast (the most important meal of the day)! And to make my look more put together, I like to accessorize so it instantly becomes an effortless chic outfit. This outfit is perfect for being out and about because it's hassle free and super comfy. I wore this outfit to school and then ended up going to dinner at Daikokuya in the same outfit. Another great tip for those who are constantly running late: Pick your outfits beforehand that way you won't have to rush in the morning! 
-xx, Kat 

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